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Commercial Waste Services

Munhall Borough Can Reduce The High Cost Of Your Commercial Waste Removal!

Switch your commercial trash hauling to Munhall Commercial Waste Services and start saving money today!

Lower Cost

Services as low as $45.00 per month.

Dependable Weekly Service

Service provided by friendly, well-trained personnel familiar with the area.  Unlike some private waste haulers, we will pick up your commercial waste weekly!

Convenient Billing

Choose what works best for your budget…  Monthly, quarterly or annual billing.  Services are billed in advance.

No Long Term Contracts

Unlike many private waste companies, we don’t require you to lock into a long-term contract.  Munhall Borough lets you stay flexible as the needs of your business change.

Support Your Local Economy

Your business dollars stay in, and benefit, your local community, rather than being sent to a large corporation headquartered outside of the Borough, or perhaps even the Commonwealth!

Commercial Waste Services for Restaurants and Medical Waste are not available at this time.

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Savvy Citizen